Crime Victim Registration and Notification

Victims and other persons directly affected by the criminal actions of an individual under the Department’s authority are encouraged to register with the Crime Victims Services Board (CVSB) in order to be notified of the following events:

To register, victims may download and mail the Department’s Victim/Witness Notification Request Form or call the CVSB’s toll-free number: 888-342-6110.

Other assistance available through the Crime Victims Services Bureau:


Helpful Resources:

Crime Victims Reparations/La. Commission on Law Enforcement

Louisiana District Attorneys Association – Victim Services information

** Please note:  Current law enables victims of adjudicated juveniles to register when the offender is placed in secure institutional care.  For information on that possibility, victims should contact the Office of Juvenile Justice at 225.287.7900.  Victim access to information about their rights appear in the Louisiana Statutory Criminal Law and Procedure (R.S. 1841 – 1846).