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  • Probation & Community Corrections

    The Division of Probation and Parole/Adult supervises adult returning residents to increase public safety and decrease recidivism. View parole/probation or contact our team.

  • Careers in Corrections

    Ready to join a team that puts public safety first? Learn more about becoming a corrections officer, probation and parole officer, or other team member with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections.

  • Reentry Initiatives & Transitional Work Programs

    The Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections assess and classifies the needs of people in prison and under community supervision to then provide programs that decrease recidivism. Learn more about our programs that help provide seamless transitions into society.

  • About DPS&C

    The Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections creates a safer Louisiana by providing correctional programs committed to the protection of the public, staff, and people in prison or under community supervision.

  • Pardons & Parole

    The Louisiana Board of Pardons and Paroles serves the citizens of Louisiana through informed decision-making in clemency pursuits, thereby promoting public safety and facilitating successful reentry.

  • Natchitoches

    Natchitoches District is the second largest district geographically in the state of Louisiana. There are approximately 2,000 offenders supervised in the district, about 154 of these are sex offenders.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    View frequently asked questions on general information about the Department, information about prison programs and resources, and public information.

  • Criminal Justice Reform Initiative

    The Louisiana Legislature passed the LA Justice Reinvestment Package to reduce the number of people in prison and costs. Learn more about these reform efforts.

  • Information For & About People in Prison

    From visitation guidelines to general prison policies, DPS&C strives to provide the most up-to-date information to people in prison or under community supervision and their families. View guidelines, information, and frequently asked questions.

  • New Iberia

    New Iberia District Probation and Parole has as its mission to provide for control of adjudicated offenders through enforcement of laws and management of programs designed to insure the safety of the public, staff, and offenders and reintegrate offenders into society.

  • Prison Programs & Resources

    We focus on providing people in prison and their families the appropriate resources to help decrease recidivism, increase communication between families and their loved ones in prison, and enhance public safety for the state of Louisiana.

  • Shreveport

    Shreveport District Office currently supervises approximately 5,800 convicted felons, of which 190 are sex offenders. SPD works with the U.S. Marshals Task Force on warrant roundups, tracking fugitives and assisting in investigations.

  • Lafayette

    Lafayette District supervises approximately 4,200 cases and conducts approximately 2100 investigations per year.

  • Victim Services

    The Crime Victim Services Bureau provides support and information to victims, both timely and respectfully.

  • East Jefferson

    East Jefferson District oversees 2350 probation and parole cases, including approximately 60 sex offender cases.

  • Baton Rouge

    Baton Rouge District is committed to providing the Baton Rouge area with a safer environment.

  • LA Sex Offender Registry

    The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections, through the Division of Probation and Parole, supervises approximately 2,200 people convicted of sex offenses in communities across Louisiana.

  • Home

    The Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections provides safe and secure prisons, effective probation/parole supervision, proven rehabilitative programs, and robust victim support to create a safer Louisiana.

  • West Baton Rouge

    West Bation Rouge District Office supervises approximately 2,240 probation and parole cases including over 100 sex offender cases. These offices also supervise and monitor three transitional work programs with a combined capacity of 500 inmates.

  • Leesville

    Leesville District Office of Probation and Parole consists of Vernon and Beauregard Parishes. Leesville P&P supervises over 1,100 cases for these two parishes.

  • Feliciana

    Feliciana and West Baton Rouge District offices supervise approximately 2,240 probation and parole cases including more than 100 sex offender cases.

  • Donaldsonville

    Donaldsonville District Office oversees 2200 probation and parole cases, including more than 50 sex offender cases.

  • Alexandria

    The Alexandria Pardons & Parole Office providers resources and support for offenders and victimes in Avoyelles, Catahoula, Concordia, Grant, La Salle, and Rapides Parishes.

  • Public Information

    We strive to provide transparency and public information. Find what you're looking for: annual reports, training, volunteering info, and more.

  • Facility Locations

    Find a Louisiana correctional facility or probation/parole office near you.

  • DPS&C’s Most Wanted

    If you have information regarding the location of any fugitives or offenders, please leave a tip or contact your local law enforcement.

  • Ville Platte

    The Ville Platte District Offices supervises approximately 2,550 offenders, of which 80 are sexual and/or violent offenders, for the parishes of Allen, Evangeline, and St. Landry.

  • Raymond Laborde Correctional Center

    It is the mission of the Raymond Laborde Correctional Center, formerly Avoyelles Correctional Center, to enhance public safety through safe and secure incarceration of people serving time for state felonies.

  • Lake Charles

    The Lake Charles District Office supervises between 3800 to 3875 offenders in southwest Louisiana. Two-thirds of those under supervision in the Lake Charles District live in Calcasieu Parish. We serve eight judges in Calcasieu and one judge each in Jefferson Davis Parish and Cameron Parish.

  • Amite

    The Amite District presently supervises approximately 3,700, including 120 convicted of sex offenses and 520 convicted of violent offenses.

  • Allen Correctional Center

    It is the policy of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections and Allen Correctional Center to maintain a secure institutional environment that ensures the safety of the public, provides a safe working climate for employees, and offers humane and safe living conditions for imprisoned people.

  • Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women

    The Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women provides custody, control, care, and treatment in a professional manner to imprisoned adult women through enforcement of the laws and management of programs designed to ensure the safety of the public, employees, and imprisoned women.