February 11, 2016

Social Media Tip

In 2011, the Louisiana Legislature enacted Revised Statute 14:405, which prohibits inmates from establishing an account on any internet-based social networking website.

Specifically, it is unlawful for any offender who is incarcerated and who is sentenced to the legal custody of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (including those assigned to parish jails) to establish or maintain an account on any internet-based social networking website.

A “social networking website” is any internet-based website with the following capabilities:

(1)Allows users to create web pages or profiles about themselves that are available to the general public or to any other users.
(2)Offers a mechanism for communication among users, such as a forum, chat room, electronic mail, or instant messaging.

If you know of a DOC offender who has recently established or currently maintains information on a social networking website or has obtained a cell phone while incarcerated, please report the offender’s name, assigned location, and the link to the offender’s page if possible.

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