February 07, 2016

Hearings Schedule

Panels of board members conduct hearings, by videoconference, with inmates who are housed at, or within geographical proximity to, one of several adult correctional institutions or local-level facilities. These hearings are held, pursuant to notice and as an Agenda item, at videoconference panel meetings, and are regularly scheduled three weeks out of every month , as illustrated in the following chart:

Scheduling of Parole Hearings: When possible, offenders are scheduled for parole hearings 5-6 months prior to their parole eligibility date. The rationale for this practice is that, if the offender is granted parole, it provides sufficient time for the division of Probation and Parole, the Parole Board support staff, and the institution at which the offender is housed to complete legal and regulatory requirements for the release of the offender. Additionally, it provides offenders sufficient time to complete board recommended programs prior to release.

Scheduling of Final Revocation Hearings: When possible, offenders are scheduled for a final parole revocation hearing within three (3) months of the date they were detained, by action (usually an arrest warrant) of the parole board.

Scheduling of Re-applications for a Parole Hearing: Generally, these are scheduled for panel consideration, pursuant to notice and as an agenda item, at the first reasonably available panel meeting.

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