February 10, 2016

Registration and Notification

Crime Victim Registration and Notification

Victims and other persons directly affected by the criminal actions of an individual under the Department’s authority are encouraged to register with the Crime Victims Services Board (CVSB) in order to be notified of the following events:

  • Initial housing location and projected release dates
  • Court ruling affecting sentence length
  • Scheduled hearing before the Board of Pardons or Committee on Parole
  • Escape from institutional custody and apprehension
  • Assignment to Transitional Work Program
  • Release from prison by any means, including death

To register, victims may download and mail the Department’s Victim/Witness Notification Request Form or call the CVSB’s toll-free number: 888-342-6110.

Other assistance available through the Crime Victims Services Bureau:

  • Current photograph of offender (may be requested by registered victims within three months of an offender’s earliest projected release date)
  • Access to information included in the offender’s post sentence report (limited to direct victims or a formally designated other person who has completed the official Louisiana Victim Notice & Registration Form promulgated by the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement)
  • Help in halting unsolicited communications from offenders
  • Names and telephone numbers for institutional contact persons who can answer victims’ questions about a particular institution
  • Referrals to other agencies and organizations
  • Opportunities to suggest actions to make the agency more “victim friendly”


Helpful Resources:

Crime Victims Reparations/La. Commission on Law Enforcement

Louisiana District Attorneys Association – Victim Services information

** Please note:  Current law enables victims of adjudicated juveniles to register when the offender is placed in secure institutional care.  For information on that possibility, victims should contact the Office of Juvenile Justice at 225.287.7900.  Victim access to information about their rights appear in the Louisiana Statutory Criminal Law and Procedure (R.S. 1841 – 1846).

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