February 07, 2016


The Procurement and Contractual Review Division (PROCRD) is the central office with responsibility for procurement of commodities and equipment, contractual services, property management, risk management, fleet management and administration of the procurement card.


The mission of the Procurement and Contractual Review Division is to obtain the necessary supplies and services required to safely and efficiently operate 9 state adult prisons as well as the Division of Probation and Parole, Prison Enterprises and the Headquarters office.


PROCRD recognizes that its responsibility is to obtain supplies, services and equipment in a timely fashion, comply with State laws, Division of Administration Rules and Regulations and Department Regulations. PROCRD is mindful that its role is not to dictate what supplies and services are required to operate the prisons and offices of the Department, but to obtain the best quality supplies and services at the best price in a timely manner.


  • Establish a centralized function capable of providing service and support to the department
  • Assist management at all levels by providing advice and information to make informed decisions regarding procurement of supplies and services
  • Assure responsible and accountable practices for purchase of commodities, contractual services and equipment
  • Apply state policies and procedures to formulate department policies and procedures to maximize efficiency of the procurement processes
  • Promote equal opportunity policies through professional relationships with vendors
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