February 07, 2016

PROCRD Staff Directory

Contact Information:

Phone 225-342-6666

Fax 225-342-6593


Mailing Address Physical Location
Department of Public Safety & Corrections Department of Public Safety & Corrections
PROCRD 504 Mayflower St.
P.O. Box 94034 Bldg. 8, 2nd Floor
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9304 Baton Rouge, LA 70802


Suzanne Sharp

Assistant Director:
Glenda Lindsey

Our knowledgeable staff of procurement professionals purchase supplies, equipment and services for a commodity code listing with more than 250 classes.  Please contact the procurement staff (showing the list of their major commodities) for more information:

Kim Townley 225-342-6596

a/c & heating equipment & supplies, animal feed, building supplies, construction projects, furnish and install projects, roofing materials, flooring projects, floor machines & supplies, fuel, oil, grease, kitchen equipment & supplies, laundry equipment & supplies, lumber, plumbing supplies, printing equipment & supplies, refrigeration equipment & supplies, road & highway materials (concrete, limestone, asphalt, etc.), sale of livestock, septic tanks & supplies and tanks (gas, diesel, portable, stationary, underground, etc.)

Lisa Hawkins 225-342-6582

badges, emblems & name tags, chemicals, clothing apparel, hand tools & supplies, hardware, fertilizers, soil conditioners, mattress manufacturing machinery & supplies, metal, rental/lease services of equipment & services/maintenance contracts (waste disposal, pest control, ferry service, rodeo services, etc.), seed (grains, vegetable), shoes & boots, sporting & athletic goods, television equipment & accessories, textiles, water & wastewater treating chemicals and uniforms and accessories

Lynn Godwin 225-342-6592

food and canteen supplies, furniture (office, school), lawn equipment, painting equipment & supplies

Kacie Henderson 225-342-6583

agricultural equipment & supplies, automotive shop supplies & equipment, cell phones, computers & software, fence material, gardening, landscaping & nursery supplies, medical supplies & equipment, musical instruments & supplies, office equipment & supplies, pharmaceuticals, police & security equipment and supplies, printing, publications, radios, school equipment & supplies and veterinary equipment & supplies

For information on professional, personal, consulting and social services contracts, please contact:
Louanna Breaux 225-342-6936

For information on property control and risk management, please contact:
Brooke Farrar 225-342-3991

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