February 11, 2016

Supervision Conditions Video

The Louisiana Department of Corrections Probation and Parole Division developed Your Guide to a Successful Parole to help individuals understand all conditions of parole and to explore the most common questions officers receive and the answers to those questions.

Please remember that the video is a guide. Individuals under supervision are encouraged to speak to the officer assigned to their case for further clarification and assistance.

The video is a helpful tool for family members and friends to understand the expectations of supervision. Probation and Parole officers are often contacted by family members, asking questions about what behavior is or is not allowed under supervision and the video can dispel any myths and/or clarify any questions.

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A Message from Secretary James M. LeBlanc & Genie Powers, P&P Director

Conditions of Parole

Condition #1
That I will report immediately or no later than within 48 hours to the Division of Probation and Parole office, Department of Public Safety and Corrections, which is listed on the face of this certificate.

Condition #2
That I will remain within the limits fixed by the Certificate of Parole. If I have good cause to leave these limits, I will obtain written permission from the Parole Agent and the approval of the Division of Probation and Parole before doing so.

Condition #3
That I will, between the first and fifth days of each month, or at intervals determined by my Parole Agent, and also on the final day of my parole, make a full and truthful written report upon the form provided for that purpose and that I will take or mail my report to my Parole Agent. I will report to my Parole Agent when directed to do so.

Condition #4
That I will avoid injurious or vicious habits and places of disreputable or harmful character, which includes the ingestion of alcoholic beverages and/or frequenting establishments where alcohol is the primary commodity served or sold.

Condition #5
That I will not associate with persons known to be engaged in criminal activity. Also, I will not associate with persons known to have been convicted of a felony without written permission from my Parole Agent.

Condition #6
That I will in all respects conduct myself honorably, work diligently at a lawful occupation, and support my dependents, if any to the best of my ability.

Condition #7
That I will promptly and truthfully answer all inquiries directed to me by the Division of Probation and Parole.

Condition #8
That I will live and remain at liberty and refrain from engaging in any type of criminal conduct.

Condition #9
I agree to live and work at the places stated in my parole plan and will not change residence or employment until after I have permission to do so from the Parole Agent.

Condition #10
I shall not have in my possession or control any firearms or dangerous weapons.

Condition #11
I will submit myself to available medical, psychiatric, mental health or substance abuse examination or treatment or both when ordered to do so by my Parole Agent. Also, I will submit to drug and/or alcohol screens at my own expense.

Condition #12
That I hereby do waive extradition to the State of Louisiana from any jurisdiction in or outside the United States where I may be found and also agree that I will not contest any effort by any jurisdiction to return me to the State of Louisiana.

Condition #13
I understand that if I am arrested while on parole, the Board has the authority to place a detainer against me which will in effect prevent me from making bail pending disposition of my new charges.

Condition #14
I understand that I am subject to visits by my Parole Agent at my home or at my place of employment without prior notice.

Condition #15
I will pay a parole supervision fee of $53.00 per month payable the 1st day of each month, or if I am unable to pay my fees, I will work 20 hours a month community service as directed by my Parole Agent. Community service hours worked in lieu of supervision fees will be in addition to any other community service hours ordered by the Board or my supervising agent.

Condition #16
I will perform one hundred hours of unpaid community service work during the period of my parole, and if unemployed, perform additional hours as instructed by my supervising Parole Agent.

Condition #17
If I am unable to read the English language, I will devote myself to an approved reading program at my own expense.

Statement of General Conditions

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