November 25, 2015

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The five members of the Board of Pardons are appointed by the Governor.  The board meets on regularly scheduled, publicly announced dates to consider applications for pardon, sentence commutation, and restoration of rights and privileges of citizenship.

In 2012, Act 714 of the Louisiana Legislature merged the functions and duties of the Board of Parole into the Board of Pardons and created a committee on parole.  The legislation also mandates that all members (appointed after August 15, 2012) shall possess at least five years actual experience in one of the following fields (or a combination thereof):   penology, corrections, law enforcement, sociology, law, education, social work, or medicine.

All of the board’s recommendations for clemency are forwarded to the Governor for final action.

Office Contact Information

Pardon Board
504 Mayflower St.
Building 6
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Phone: (225) 342-5421
Fax: (225) 342-2289


Hearing Location

First Circuit Court of Appeals
1600 N. Third Street – Courtroom 2
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
(225) 342-5421



Parole Board Members:

After a career that spanned over 30 years, Mrs. Ranatza retired from the Department of Corrections in 2011.  She served in a variety of management positions throughout the Department, with her last position being that of Deputy Secretary.  Mrs. Ranatza was the first female in Louisiana to achieve the designation of Certified Corrections Executive by the American Correctional Association and is a member several corrections affiliated organizations.   She was appointed as Chairman of the Louisiana Board of Parole in February 2012 and Chairman of the Pardon Board in August 2012.

A graduate of  NorthwesternStateUniversity in Natchitoches, Louisiana, and the Calcasieu Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy, Mr. Wise served as a Deputy in the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office for 18 years as supervisor over all uniformed divisions.  He served as an Investigator at Louisiana State Penitentiary after having completed the Corrections Training Academy.  Mr. Wise was first appointed to the Louisiana Board of Parole in 2004 and was recently appointed to the Pardon Board in August 2012 and serves as Vice-Chairman.

After achieving his paralegal degree, Mr. Hardy served as a member of the Lafayette Parish School Board for 13 years.  In 2007, he was elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives and served the citizens in that capacity for 4 years.  As a legislator Mr. Hardy served on the Education, Judicial, and Appropriations Committees.  He was appointed to the Pardon Board in January 2012 and now also serves as a member of the Parole Committee. 

In 1968, Mr. Powell achieved a degree in social work from Southeaster Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana.  After 30 years, he retired from Prudential Insurance.  Mr. Powell served 12 years in the Louisiana House of Representatives.  He was appointed by Governor Jindal to the Louisiana Pardon Board in 2008 and now also serves as a member of the Parole Committee.

A resident of Rapides Parish, Mr. Slocum’s law enforcement career spans 30 years.  Mike served numerous administrative positions with the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office, ranging from Major and Commander of the Uniform Division, SWAT Commander, and Metro Narcotics Commander. He was instrumental in the implementation of  the first School Resource Officer program in Louisiana. Mr. Slocum was nominated to serve as the Victims’ Advocate to the Parole Board and was appointed to that position in March 2012.  He was appointed to serve as the Victim’s Advocate on the Pardon Board in August 2012.

At-Large Parole Committee Members:

Mrs. Jones is a native of Union Parish and has devoted her life to community service activities on the national, state, and local level.  Her continuing education includes courses in Psychodynamics and Mediation and she is a certified Parliamentarian.  Mrs. Jones served as Vice-Chairman of the Tourism Development Commission as well as a member of Ouachita Expressway Authority. She and her family are members of the First Presbyterian Church of Monroe where she is an ordained Elder [inactive]. Mrs. Jones was appointed to the Louisiana Parole Board in 2008 by Governor Jindal and now serves as a member of the Parole Committee.

Ms. LeDoux received her B.A. in Communications Arts from Louisiana College in Pineville, Louisiana.  She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Business/Organizational Communications.  She has served on the Governor’s Commission for Marriage and Family and as a volunteer lobbyist for Louisiana Family Forum.  For the past 17 years Ms. LeDoux has served as an educator and State the Coordinator for the National TeenPact Leadership Schools.  Governor Jindal appointed Ms. LeDoux to the Parole Board in 2010 and to the Parole Committee in August 2012.



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